Westwinds Inn

A Classical Key West Inn

Toll  Free:  800-788-4150 / Front Desk:  305-296-4440

Return Guest Rewards

To prove our appreciation, Westwinds offers to individuals who return before 2013 or who refer guests who stay before 2013 both: (1) a 5% discount on your return, and (2) a $5.00 check for each referral of a new guest.

Discount:  Each returning guest who identifies himself at date of direct reservation will receive a 5% discount.  This special 5% reward is in addition to any promotional rate in effect for the stay.

Referral:  For each referral of a new guest, you (as the prior and referring guest) will receive a check of $5.00 within 30 days of the new guest's departure.


1) Reservation and referral must be made directly by telephone.      Toll-Free: 800-788-4150  /  Local: (305) 296-4440

2) A returning individual guest must identify his status when calling.

3) A referred (new guest) must state the full name of the referring (prior) guest when calling.

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